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Regulatory Compliance

We help you to comply with rules and regulations that applies to your tech business so that you operate smoothly.

How does it work?

I. Assessment

First, we need to fully understand the activities of your business to determine which rules and regulations you have to comply with.

II. Gap Analysis

After determining which regulations are applicable, we find the gaps where your business lacks to fulfil the requirements.

III. Compliance Road Map

Based on the gap analysis, we provide you a detailed road map, containing the modifications you need to do to be compliant.

IV. Re-evaluation

Following the implementation of the suggested items your road map, we re-evaluate your status of compliance.

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Regulations Applicable to Tech Businesses


The Regulations apply to online commercial activities such as trade, advertising, promoting goods and services via your website, e-mail etc.. 


The Regualtions cover several areas including marketing by electronic means, such as marketing calls, texts, emails and faxes, the use of cookies, security of electronic communications services.

Data Protection

Rules on how to handle personal data, obtaining consent, anonymisation, privacy by design. As known as the Data Protection Act and General Data Protection Regulation (“GDRP”).


Your specific field might require you to comply with some other regulations, such as those on financial services, food and beverages, online gaming.

Consumer Contracts

Rules bringing obligations to consumer contracts including the distance sales of goods and services for B2C sales.


Rules around intermediary liability, notice and take down procedures, data requests, intellectual property laws that are applied when you manage third-parties' content on a platform. 

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