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Public Policy

We do monitoring, prepare public policy strategy for your tech business and conduct public policy campaigns with you to deliver the right message to the right people.



Working with you, we determine the influencers and critical subject matters for your tech business and monitor the related activities of these actors and issues regularly.


You'll be presented a weekly monitoring report which summarises current developments with commentary and action suggestions.

Public Policy Strategy

Situation Analysis and Determining Gaps

You tell us your goals, we examine the current regulatory and policy environment which effects your tech business. After that, we'll find out what is needed to be achieved to meet your goals.

Engagement Plan

To fill in the gaps, we work on the best, middle and worst case scenarios; then set our engagement goals and accordingly build a plan including concrete action items.

Influential Map

We identify influential individuals and institutions to engage with and set the messaging for these and link these engagement targets with the action items in the engagement plan.



Your public policy, regulatory, business goals may require you to implement campaigns alone or together with a partner.


We'll identify campaign goals and a target audience, KPIs for a successful campaign; determine the right partners, campaign actions and mediums; and create a timeline and the action plan.


We'll provide support to you in every step of execution of the action plan.

Key people

We are happy to help you with your organization's public policy needs. Let's keep in touch.