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Landing, Fundraising and Growth

We help your tech business expand into the United Kingdom, reach right funds and sell more.


Company Incorporation

We help you incorporate a registered company in the UK, from opening a bank account to concluding complex shareholder agreements.

Starter's Regulatory Compliance

Your business will need to comply with some regulations (such as data protection, e-commerce, e-communications) from day one. We provide information about the ones applicable to you and help you comply with those starting from your early day activities.

Eco-System Orientation

UK tech eco-system is multi-layered and immense; we provide orientation services tailored to your business to make sure that you know who is who.

Operations Support

When you expand into a new market, you may need to outsource some operational roles for a while, we are here to help with your operational needs from working with a suitable accountant, to finding an office space, or even a developer to work for your product.   


Pitch deck preparation and review

Having in hand a pitch deck with the right storyline and design is the first step to find the right investments. Our experts are here to, review your pitch deck work with you to create a storyline suitable for your target audience and make it look good. 

Pitching/presentation training

After getting the pitch deck ready in hand, it is about how you present your product/service and your company to the investors. Our experts are ready to share their knowledge and make sure that you are ready for hard questions.

Fundraising Strategy

In terms of financing and profitability, having a strategy to determine the right funding sources play a critical role. Our experts are ready to help you analyse at which stage your business is and which fundraising path is more suitable for it, and come up with a comprehensive roadmap to follow that path.

Valuation / Burn Rate / Break Even Analysis

To be able to get an investment, you should be able to present a straight ahead and also promising financial projections. Our experts are here to help you to set a value for your business and workout a financial forecast. 

Investor Relations

London has the capital managed by many venture firms, private equities, angel investors and accelerators and your business appeals to only certain of these. We are here to identify the investors who might have interest in your business, to introduce your business to them and to support your relations with them in the process. 


Client Relations

In order to grow your business, you need to sell sell and sell. We are here to identify the potential buyers , to introduce your business to them and to support your relations with them in the process. 

Growth Marketing Strategy

Growth marketing is about persistently trying, failing, learning and trying again. This said, our team has learned a lot on the way and are ready to share their expertise to come up with and conduct a successful marketing strategy for your business. 

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