We Do Tech Only

We are solely focused on the information technology and communications sector, we are experienced in this field, and we speak the same language - "Nerdic" - as you.

We Do Less Conversation, More Action

We know you want actions instead of long reports and detailed explanations. In all our work, our only aim is to create concrete results.

We Merge Law and Business

We see law and business as inseparable, as they both affects each other. Therefore in all our projects we always consider them together.

We Love Collaboration 

Tech is a big community with many talented people. We love to collaborate with the best developers, designers, and subject matter experts in our network in order to achieve the best results for your business.

What do we do?

Regulatory Compliance

There are several laws and regulations that almost all tech related businesses need to comply with, such as data protection, e-commerce, intellectual property, and distance sales rules. Also, your specific field might require you to comply with some other regulations. To achieve compliance, we analyse every detail of your business and work with you to make necessary adjustments.
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Public Policy

Delivering the right message to the right people is vital in the ICT field, as your innovations may disrupt the conventional world. With our expertise in information technologies, disruptive business models, new media and policy making in the IT sphere, we are here to plan a successful approach towards influencers and important stakeholders for your organisation.

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Landing, Fundraising and Growth

In 2016, 6.8 billion GBP worth venture capital and private equity investments were made to digital technologies in the United Kingdom, while 22.000 tech-related meet-ups have been organised. London is clearly the leading tech-hub of Europe and great place to host and grow your business too. As Nerdic, we are here to help your business expand into the UK, navigate in the eco-system, connect with investors and potential buyers.

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We see the future in Artificial Intelligence (“AI”), so have made a chat-bot that tells you which regulations your business should comply with, while working on more capable AI tools to satisfy your regulatory compliance needs. All you have to do is to answer a couple of short questions and the AI will immediately point out the rules and regulations that affect you.

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Who do we work for?


We truly believe in the disruptive power of tech start-ups. We also know the importance of getting the right support at the very beginning of operation. Accordingly, we have tailored our services to satisfy tech start-ups' needs.

Small and medium-sized enterprises

The world has gone digital. Having the right appearance in the online world guarantees reaching more customers and making more sales. Accordingly, we have tailored our services to bring your SME online.


Our expertise in information technologies, disruptive business models, new media and policy making in the IT sphere is suited to providing result-oriented consultancy services to large companies.


We constantly try to create value for our clients and sometimes they like to share the impact we create together. 

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We like to develop/support side projects, which we think will be beneficial for members of the tech community

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Clients  Nerdic

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